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Excursion options for the whole family



Always worth a trip! Attractions such as SkyCircle, SkyShot or SkyWheel and many more inspire young and old alike.

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 Skyline Park
 Summer toboggan run

Tegelberg summer toboggan run near Nesselwang

You can really let it go on the almost 1km long run! In winter there is also a small and fine ski area ...

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Legoland Germany

THE theme park for everyone who is connected in any way with the building blocks and wants to explore the almost infinite possibilities of creative toys ... Children, get your parents!

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Attractive cities in the vicinity


Kaufbeuren, our hometown

With the monastery of the Franciscan Sisters , with their church and the remote courtyards and St. Crescentia. With the medieval old town , which reflects the splendor of a formerly free imperial city.

With the large market, which invites you to stroll and shop, and the Gothic Martinskirche , which is well worth seeing. With its defensive walls and towers, the five-button tower , which has become the landmark of the city, and the Blasius Church right on the battlements.

With the “ kunsthaus kaufbeuren ” within the old walls, the famous Tänzelfest , reminiscent of Emperor Maximilian, who liked to be a guest here. Or with the district of Neugablonz, which saved the old Bohemian jewelry industry over to Swabian.

A city whose hospitality and gastronomic qualities are known. Guarantee for an interesting and pleasant stay.


Bad Wörishofen

The city where Sebastian Kneipp spent most of his life. Its 200th anniversary will be celebrated in 2021.

This is not the only reason why this attractive health city is always worth visiting.


Landsberg am Lech



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