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A house with tradition

The Hotel am (Sywollen) Turm is a house with a varied history. It came into family ownership in 1912 and is now run by the fourth generation of the Lombardini family. The Sywollenturm was in the 15th century. built as a defense tower to defend the city walls.


After the First World War, the former inn "Zum Hofbräuhaus" served as a hostel for young craftspeople. In 1928 the previous bowling alley was demolished and the space used for a permanent "beer hall".

During the Second World War, the premises were taken over by the Federal Railway Directorate as accommodation for their employees. One year after the war it was reopened after renovation.


In 1954 the hotel was given a general overhaul with extensive renovations. The beer hall of the restaurant was extended and the whole thing was converted into a hotel. In the period that followed, the rear building was finally included and additional guest rooms were built.


Time and again, parts of the house were renovated to provide the amenities for the international Improve clientele. Today, in addition to comfortable room facilities for its guests, the hotel naturally also has modern technology, such as wireless Internet access throughout the hotel.

So the hotel remains what it should be: a modern house with an interesting and lived tradition.


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